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Big uncertainty. Big chance to change things up. What path will you take?

Updated: May 9, 2020

By Jill Vandal, The Tourism Company

What ‘s ahead? Who knows, really? But what we do know is travel will return. So now what?

Well to start with, you need to decide what is best for you and yours. Each tourism biz has its own ‘unique to them’ philosophy, capacity, market context, customers, priorities, ownership and financial structure. COVID-19 has given you the permission and time to pause, to reflect and to reposition your operation for the new future that none of us could have predicted.

What will you do with this opportunity?

What about taking a ‘less is more’ approach, hosting fewer guests and yes, at a higher price for this more exclusive visitor experience? What does that look like?

Are there parts of your visitor experience you can (finally) do away with?

And how about reconsidering visitor touch points with a whole new lens? Big corporations including Air Canada and Sandals have theirs in place. What will yours look like?

Yes, things are changing and fast. What a great time to think beyond the immediate (we know – it’s hard!). Now is the time to take the gift of time you have been given to invest in planning your future. #tourism #travel

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