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Focus on What you are Great at.

Ready to Swivel? Focus on What You Have

By Jill Vandal, the Tourism Company

Sometimes you don’t know what you have. Or you have a great idea but no one wants it.

A core foundation of a swivel is to focus on what you have and find a need that it meets. Some successful swivels happen by accident, circumstance or luck. Others are very strategic and planned.

The original Post-it note used glue, invented in 1968 by 3M scientist Spencer Silver that was not too sticky. But he couldn’t find a use for it. Another 3M scientist, Arthur Fry, was frustrated with using scraps of paper to mark the hymns when practicing with his church choir. He needed something that would stick to the pages, but not damage them, and in 1974 remembered Silver’s invention. With some collaboration, the Post-it Note was invented and the rest is history.

Not all swivels take that long.

In the current pandemic, distillers of all types, were good at making alcohol. One of the earliest spirits producers to swivel to production and distribution of alcohol-based hand sanitizers was Dillon’s Distillers in Beamsville, Ontario. They focused on what they were good at and followed the need. They and many other like businesses not only met a very real need, but have also generated some revenue, kept staff employed and have much goodwill in the communities they live and work in.

As you look at the future for your own tourism operation, take a step back and take inventory of what you have, and what you are good at. Then line it up with the new post-COVID reality to swivel as needed.

Good luck!

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