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From a High to a Low

Updated: May 8, 2020

By Shannon Guihan, The Travel Corporation

Travel will return, we are far too curious and it’s far too powerful a part of the world’s economy. The real question needs to be what the new normal will and should look like?

Up until our industries abrupt cessation, travel and tourism was experiencing unprecedented success following years of rapid growth. Globally, this brought opportunity to regions that needed it, it aided conservation, supported animal welfare, and more. However, as with most sectors, it was not without its challenges. Overcrowding, the unseen community costs of Airbnb, resorts on our beaches and pollution – travel was beginning to be recognized as more than the ‘soft’ industry it was previously considered to be.

So then now, more than ever before, the questions of how travel can become a truly sustainable industry must be a critical component of its return post Covid-19.

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