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It's Time to Clean the Oven.....

By Chris Hughes, BC Hughes

I have an obsession with the little things…in business that make guests smile and remember their experience (yes even in the oven).  As Chris Hadfield recently said, “If someone told you will have a month off, you would be ecstatic.”  He added that you need to look at the positive and learn a new skill, get all those jobs done you have put off and spend time real quality time with your family.  Seems crazy, but it came at us fast and we need to definitely embrace the pause.  

Now…I get that for small business this can be trying (and I’m one of you), cash flow and the uncertainty is taxing on the brain power.  But, again as the other Chris says…embrace it.  Let’s use this time as an opportunity to get sh!t done to be ready for when your guests come roaring back hotter than ever.  Maybe they just might pay more because of the painting, new chairs and the extra sparkly oven. 

The federal government is offering $40k loans, with possibly $10k of it forgivable.  Sure it’s likely cumbersome but take advantage of it to buy that new dock or the new windows you have been putting off for years.  For larger project the CDC and other lenders are coming to the table with good deals.  Again, sure this is stressful as you don’t know what 3 months out will look like, but hey, taking risks is what got you to where you are today.      

Something else to ponder is how you will adapt to the customer’s new normal.  Your guests will expect to see cleaning protocols, have hand wash stations, hand sanitizer and disinfectants available.  It may also change how you set up your dining room, set up your deck chairs and heck, maybe even how you rent boats.  Be proactive not reactive. 

Tourism is always one of the fastest industries to drive a recovery.  Will you be ready?

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