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The New Normal

By Amanda Jopling


Maybe you have an attraction with a mix of uses - shopping, dining and experience (s) or any combination there-of. Consider a phased reopening. Is it possible for your dining to be switched to takeout, delivery and or curbside pickup? Can you only allow pre-booked visits?  We are social animals, we are adapting daily to the constraints brought about by the pandemic.  If you are like me you’re a bit tired of your own company and cooking.  I will be jumping on the opportunity to enjoy a change of atmosphere and some good eats at a local attraction.

Non-contact service:

We will likely have some sensitivity to queues even while following our newly acquired, social-distancing norms.   Front line staff in ticketing booths will need personal protective equipment (PPE) similar to what doctors, nurses and paramedics wear or have access to. I imagine that we the visitor will likely don masks too. The PPE option may be costly over the long term and it’s not very eco-friendly.  A much more sustainable option could be to move to Online ticketing systems. I didn’t carry much money in my wallet before the crisis and I expect to carry less on my future travels.  Cashless payment options for ticketing, dining and retail will be preferred to handling money.

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